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Tadalis - sx

  • Tadalis - sx
    Name Tadalis - sx
    Price 3.50 €
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    Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma, India
    Volume 1 tablet 20 mg


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    Substantion: Tadalafil Citrate
    Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma, India
    (pharmacy production)
    Pack:1 tablet 20mg

    Duration of Action: 36-48 hours
    Time to Take Effect: 30 minutes 
    Drug Class: Pro Sexual
    Flavour: Netural

    Tadalis sx 20mg Erectile dysfunction can be treated in a very uncomplicated and simple way with Tadalis sx 20 mg. It begins to take effect after about 20 minutes and ceases being effective between 24 and 36 hours later.

    The preparation contains the active substance Tadalafil which suppresses the body's own Phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme. This enzyme ordinarily provides for the fact that an erection ceases after a certain amount of time. If the distribution of this enzyme is suppressed by Phosphodiesterase-5 by taking Tadalis sx 20 mg, an erection is achieved substantially faster. It also has more staying power as the blood flow into the corpus cavernosum is increased. The tablet is taken simply with a glass of water.

    Taking the tablet can be done regardless of any absorption of nutrients or alcohol, guaranteeing the highest possible freedom in its use. However, it is recommended that these tablets are taken not more often than once every 48 hours because the active substance Tadalafil has a half-life of between 17 to 18 hours. This means that after this time, it is still possible that half of the active substance is still in the body.